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Today’s Weekly Calendar Fun Fact:
The Starry Night, one of the world’s most famous paintings, is actually a depiction of Vincent van Gogh’s view from the Saint-Paul de Mausole asylum. It was a psychiatric clinic.

When most people think of the “truth” behind famous works of art, their mind tends to jump to hidden meanings within.  Usually it makes one think of secret messages or bold opinion tucked away in the backdrop or carefully disguised in geometric shape or a centuries old play on words.  For instance, The Last Supper by DaVinci is one of THE most hotly contested pieces ever created.  Is it a hidden message about the true nature of the Holy Grail or is it a carefully crafted sneer at organized religion?  Perhaps only DaVinci will ever truly know.

While the idea of secret societies and hidden histories is fascinating, sometimes an eye-opening moment is actually what inspired a painting or how it was crafted.  Some of the most well-known pieces that have come to have infinite meaning and stand the test of time to move the souls they encounter started as nothing more than something to pass the time or even happy accidents.

Would YOU have guessed that a piece of cheese melting in the blistering sun would cause an artist to create a piece so adored and so intellectually and philosophically dissected?

Watch the vid below to learn the true origins behind the most famous paintings of all time!

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