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Today’s Weekly Calendar Fun Fact:
The precursor of Tequila was a milky beer-like drink from the agave plant that was only consumed by priests.

Cinco de Mayo takes the cake as the most misunderstood holiday celebrated today.  Many assume it is Mexican Independence day or to honor the Mexican heritage.  It has most recently, since the 1970’s, come to be regarded as a general commemoration of Mexican heritage for folks around the world but it is actually a day that honors the Battle of Puebla.  For the people of Mexico, they salute the day by staging battle re-enactments and having political speeches.  It is actually more celebrated in the United States than in Mexico.

In the United States, the festival includes street fairs, Mariachi music, parades and lots of great Mexican cuisine.  The largest celebration takes place in Los Angeles where the highest concentration of Mexican-origin population resides.  That doesn’t stop the rest of the country from partaking in unique and interesting ways.  Residents of Longmont, Colorado hold a Chihuahua beauty contest where a King and Queen Chihuahua are crowned.  No matter how you celebrate, tip your hat to those brave Mexican fighters who became a symbol for resistance to foreign domination.  And yeah, eat as much guac as you want.

Party Fact to Impress Friends: According to a 2012 census, there were 352 tortilla manufacturing companies in the U.S. alone.

From Chihuahua races to death defying aerial stunts, there’s a whole other side to Cinco de Mayo then what you might think!  Check out the video below to find out more about this amazing celebration!

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