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Today’s Weekly Calendar Fun Fact:
Candy hearts were originally throat lozenges created by a Boston pharmacist.  In 1868, Richard Cadbury, of Cadbury Egg fame, created the first box of Valentine’s Day chocolates.


The true origins of Valentine’s Day are pretty vague.  There are two prevailing theories for why we have deemed February 14th the day we celebrate love.  The main story is that Valentine’s Day was originally a crazy Pagan festival,  called Lupercalia, where animals were sacrificed and women were spanked until they bled in the hopes of increasing their fertility.

The other theory of VDay’s start was that a Roman emperor forbid young men to marry because he believed single men to be better soldiers.  St. Valentine defied the Emperor and performed marriages in secret.  For his disobedience he was executed – supposedly on February 14th – and we honor him and his belief in the strength of love on that day.

No matter how the day formed, Valentine’s Day is still one of the most celebrated holidays in existence today.  Festivities look a little different with red and pink having been deemed “the official colors of love” and the millions spent on candy, flowers and cards to express our sentiments but the core feeling remains.  So whether Eros pierces your heart and casts a spell of love or you choose to ignore the holiday and lay low, we can all appreciate the thought that love truly does transcend all.


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