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Today’s Weekly Calendar Fun Fact:

Pigeon poop is property of the British Crown. In the 18th century it was a key component in gunpowder and so declared to be property of the crown.

There are few monarchs as well loved as Queen Elizabeth II.  Having been thrust onto the throne at the tender age of 26, the Queen has won over the hearts of millions around the world.  While some may not be pleased with her views or actions at times, all in all, she is one of the most respected figureheads in all of history.  From serving in World War II and leading the Commonwealth for nearly 70 years, the Queen has been responsible for quite a number of things.  With a vast number of ceremonies and duties she has had to fulfill, there are quite a few head-scratchers on the list.

The British monarchy has reigned, in one form or another, since the 10th century.  Through clans, great disease, wars, technological advancements and much more, the monarchy has, in most cases, brought much-needed order and direction to a vast amount of people.  Unfortunately for Queen Elizabeth, quite a few rules passed by previous monarchs were only necessary for the times or are downright silly no matter how you look at it.  Some rules still in effect today were passed in the 13th century!

No matter the degree of silliness or how the need for a particular rule has phased out, the Queen keeps her head held high and honors tradition.  Even when a new Ravenmaster is appointed to the Tower of London so the kingdom doesn’t fall.

Who is, or was, your favorite member of the royal family?
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