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What Is Your Favorite Type Of Christmas Gift To Give Or Get?

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What Is Your Favorite Type Of Christmas Gift To Give Or Receive?

How we celebrate the holidays has changed throughout the years.  Whether it’s technology making it easier to connect, the shift to online shopping, how often trends change or how advanced presents have become, there is a near limitless choice of what to give to those you cherish.  Some say the real question is now are we swayed into giving meaningless gifts of commercialism and losing the spirit of the season or is this simply the new norm, the common mindset?

Settle the debate once and for all by letting us know what YOUR favorite gift is – whether you give it yourself or it’s what you enjoy receiving from loved ones.

For ideas on what types of presents you can give not just at the holidays but throughout the year that also help protect our environment and keep our landfills a little lighter, check out our guide, How To Reduce Waste At Christmas.

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