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When it comes to portable storage options, you have several different channels to explore.  What company you choose will largely depend on what you want from your storage company.  Do you want to keep the container on your property or have it moved to a storage warehouse?  Do you need it for several months or a mere few days?  The answers to these questions will determine who can provide the best service for you.

One of the most important factors in selecting the right portable storage unit is cost.  It is true that the price will be affected by your location and competition in the area.  The standard expectation is that you pay for pickup, delivery and rental fees.  For example, when the company drops off the empty unit to your home or business, there is a fee.  You are also charged a rental fee that depends on how long you keep the container.  When it’s time for the container to be picked up again – no matter if you are returning it after use or having them haul it to a storage center – there is another fee.

The only time you would have to pay more than the standard three fees is if you were having your container stored in a warehouse or using it for moving purposes.  In these instances, there might be an additional transportation fee.  It is always better and much cheaper to rent a storage container instead of buying one outright.  The only time it makes sense to purchase one for your home or business is if you end up storing items for several years.  With such a long-term rental, the cost of renting and purchasing about even out.

Lemont portable storage units cost $125 across the board.

  • Delivery – $125
  • Rental – $125 (per month)
  • Pick Up – $125

We provide clean, durable storage containers at the most cost-efficient pricing around.  Serving the Chicagoland area, our 47 yard metal containers are perfect for all of your moving, seasonal, residential, business, industrial, construction or simply extra storage needs.  With amazing same day service and experienced professionals handling all of your questions and concerns, we can help you determine if our storage options are the best for your project.  Don’t hesitate – the solution to your portable storage problem is within reach!

To find out how our new storage container can help you,  give us a call at 630.716.1030 or click here >>> Same Day Storage Solutions!

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