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Today’s Weekly Calendar Fun Fact:

You can buy eel flavored ice cream in Japan.  Yes, the sea creature.

Nothing has swept the world quite like the phenomenon known as ice cream.  From the first ice cream-ish dish eaten around the second century B.C. to Marco Polo, ancient Romans and the origins of the sweet likely coming from China, the world has never been the same.  There have been many food fads and fast favorites but one thing that seems to be universal is ice cream.  You have to go some to find a person who doesn’t like it and the act of going out to enjoy some has become an endearing social activity for families and friends.  Childhood memories flood with pictures of lazy summer days and dripping cones and morph into first date jitters at soda fountains.  This tasty treat has become a staple of wholesome fun that never wanes in popularity.

With this excitement over the ages, there are so many flavors to choose from.  Classics like vanilla and chocolate dominate the tastebud but foodies have experimented throughout history to bring us unique and bold flavor choices.  Some are instant hits, like pistachio or cookie dough, while others, such as jalapeno and garlic, are for those willing to challenge the very concept of dessert.  Take a walk with us as we discover some of the wildest ice cream flavors to come from around the world!

What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?
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