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Dumpster Permits
Do You Need A Permit To Use A Dumpster?


Some towns require a permit to use a dumpster. A general work permit that covers roof installations or remodeling may not apply to dumpsters as well.

If your dumpster is going on a street, alley or public right of way, you need a permit from Public Works. Check with your town’s code enforcement to see if you need a permit to have a dumpster on your driveway.


Check with your village or town hall. They may have information listed on their website and departments like Public Works may even have forms you can fill out online.

The best way to get all the info you need is by calling or stopping in and getting next steps.

TROUBLE – If you can’t produce a permit when someone from code enforcement or the village pops by, you’re looking at fines or even impounding of your dumpster. Having it impounded would be very costly because you would be charged by the dumpster company for damages and/or wasted rental time.
BUDGET – When working on a project, be sure to factor in enough for permit fees. Always contact your town/village/city hall and make sure your project is compliant with city requirements. Better to be safe than sorry.
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