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Today’s Weekly Calendar Fun Fact:

The Star Spangled Banner is set to an old English drinking song glorifying wine and certain adult activities.

Independence Day, celebrated on the Fourth of July, is a huge deal in America.  With exuberant celebrations, plenty of food and brilliant fireworks displays, this is the day where Americans celebrate their freedom from British rule.  This is when, in 1776, our 13 founding colonies declared that they were no longer subject to the monarchy of Britain and were independent states.  This decree came after a long, bloody battle known as the American Revolution.   As the underdog in the battle, no one expected the Americans to break free or become their own nation.  With the grit and determination of those early colonists, we fought our way to becoming a free state of people not bound to a set religion, race, culture or mentality.

The day has become synonymous with barbecues and parades before parties spent with family and friends.  In the evening, cities light up the skies with massive fireworks displays in both celebration and a reminder of what the skies may have looked like during battle.

While it is true that this is an American holiday, many other countries celebrate the idea of freedom.  It may not be a specific historical event but everyone around the world takes time to honor those throughout history who stood up to oppressive forces and fought for the persecuted.  The basic concept that we should live happy, full lives and be allowed to pursue our dreams is to be cherished not just on the Fourth of July but year round.  This day isn’t simply about the birth of America but about praising and preserving freedom itself.

Conversation Ice Breaker Factoid:  New York City has the largest fireworks display in the entire United States.  Over 22 tons of pyrotechnics are set off in the East River.

From drunken pub songs and catchy insults from British overlords, you won’t believe some of the zany facts behind the Fourth of July!  Check out the video to see for yourself!
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