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5 Amazing Dumpster Costumes For Halloween!
We don’t know who they are or where they come from but these individuals raised the bar on Halloween dumpster costumes!
5.  PowerWheel Dumpster Truck
Halloween Dumpsters
Oh, you are seeing this correctly.  A PowerWheel morphed into a dumpster truck.  How cool is it that you could cruise for candy in a costume accessory that moves!?!  It even has a horn mounted on the top.  This is creativity at its finest!
4.  Dumpster Diving 101
Halloween Dumpsters
What makes this costume is DEFINITELY her face.  Priceless!  This child from takes dumpster diving to a whole other level.  She even comes complete with a scuba mask and graffiti infested dumpster.
3. Dumpster Candy Bin
Halloween Dumpsters
This idea from showcases a costume where a child portrayed a garbage worker and created a dumpster to haul the trick-or-treat load.  Talk about the ultimate costume accessory!
2.  The Ultimate Dumpster Fire
Halloween Dumpsters
A term that has come to mean a disastrously mishandled situation in the mainstream lexicon, this girl created the ULTIMATE dumpster fire visual.  The spiders and rat were a nice touch to add to the gross smell about to hit everyone’s nostrils when that garbage burns.
1.  Dumpster Truck
Halloween Dumpster
This boy from takes the cake for impressive Halloween costumes!  There is even a tiny dumpster on top of the truck waiting to be emptied.  EPIC.

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