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There are few figures in history, both mythical and real, that hold as much power as Santa Claus.  This enigmatic figure features prominently throughout childhood – rewarding the good and forsaking the rotten. A symbol of hope, love and the fact that a little faith can move mountains, he holds a place of honor for all children, regardless of religion or background.  While America may celebrate the traditional modern image of the Coca-Cola Santa, the world celebrates the season in their own ways.

Each region and culture may have a character of completely different appearance, actions or backstory, the sentiment is the same.  These figures celebrate an important season and appreciate good behavior. It’s a reminder to be kinder to one another and help each other along on this journey called life.

When you grow up with one central figure, it can be surprising and fascinating to see what other kids celebrated – or feared!  Take a look at what Santa looks like around the world!

No matter what your traditions are or how you celebrate, we wish you an amazing, joyous and bountiful holiday season!

What is one of your favorite holiday traditions?
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