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Today’s Weekly Calendar Fun Fact:

The Pac-Man ghosts have names and personalities.  Inky uses ambush tactics, Blinky and Pinky chase Pac-Man directly and Clyde is completely random.

Classic video games are the crux of many fond childhood memories or gatherings with friends.  It seems that the days of Atari, Nintendo and even Playstation 2 are often copied but never truly replicated.  The clunky graphics are nostalgic and revered while the unique storylines and amazingly kitsch artwork are fun, engaging and memorable.  Many argue that, with very few exceptions, video games of the modern era are nowhere near as fascinating.  While that opinion may be hotly contested to this day, the one thing all can agree on is that classic video games are like a nostalgic trip on a merry-go-round.  They are much loved and a special part of entertainment history.

Conversation Ice Breaker Factoid:  Mario from Super Mario Bros. first appeared in the 1981 arcade game “Donkey Kong” whose name was Jumpman.  Donkey Kong was his pet ape who escaped and kidnapped his girlfriend, Pauline.  The real kicker?  He was originally a carpenter on a construction site, not a plumber.

Conversation Ice Breaker Factoid Number Two:  Nolan Bushnell, who co-founded Atari, also founded the insanely popular pizza, arcade and musical entertainment company Chuck E. Cheese.

From powerhouse game companies struggling to pay rent to a legendary game franchise spawning from a cocky movie star’s rebuff, you won’t believe these crazy facts about classic video games!  Find out for yourself by checking out the vid below!
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