Same Day Dumpster Rental NEWS

Living in a Dumpster
Advantages of Living in a Dumpster

Save Energy – Using Way Less To Power Your Home

Save Money – Spend Almost Nothing On Utilities And/Or Rent

Live Simpler – Enjoy A Life Less Burdened By Things And More About Experiences

Connect More – More Likely To Socialize And Explore Your Community In Search Of Entertainment

Healthier – More Likely To Get Out And Walk To Avoid Feeling Stuck

Environment Friendly – Able To Use Features That Lessen The Load On Nature Such As: Composting Toilet, Rainwater And Solar Panels

Downsizing – Great To Restart Life Or Go Somewhere New

Global Footprint – Take Up Less Space And Have Much Less Waste Output

What Do You Think?  Could You Do It?  Comment Below And Let Me Know What You Think.

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Comments (2)

I probably could live in one. I’ve seen some and the features are pretty sweet. Especially when you add lofts and stuff.

Yes! I love that show on HGTV about tiny houses. It’s amazing what some people can do with such small spaces. My favorite is when they build things into the walls like hidden compartments. Reminds me of “Clue”!!!

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