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Today’s Weekly Calendar Fun Fact:
Russia didn’t consider beer to be an alcohol until 2011. It was thought of as a soft drink. It is considered wimpy to lower the ear flaps on your fur hat unless temps drop below -20.
For one reason or another, Russia seems to draw the eyes of the world.  Through the good and the bad times in history, Russia has remained one of the most intriguing countries on Earth.  With a very tumultuous and colorful past, this proud nation boasts some impressive feats and historical mysteries.  From it’s greatest museum – The Hermitage in St. Petersburg – having around 70 cats guarding its treasures from mice to the padlock trees of Moscow where couples hang padlocks from the branches to prove their love, Russia certainly has a side to her that we haven’t been properly introduced to.
If you need an icebreaker – Russian legend says that Ivan the Terrible blinded the creator of St. Basil’s Cathedral so he could never build anything else that would rival its magnificence.  The creator’s name was Postnik Yakovlev.

To see a whole different side to Russia that you never knew, check out the vid below!

Which country do you think has the craziest customs or history?
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