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Today’s Weekly Calendar Fun Fact:
The four suits on playing cards are widely thought to represent the four economic classes of the medieval ages: hearts = church, spades = nobility, diamonds represent merchants and clubs = peasants.

Nursing is one of the most noble professions a person is called to in life.  The care, compassion and selflessness it takes to be surrounded by human suffering and still retain hope is absolutely amazing.  This week was Nurse’s Appreciation Week so lots of good cheer and thanks to all those brave souls who choose to give tirelessly of themselves.  If you know a nurse or encounter one, not just this week but at any time, feel free to give them a high five and tell them how much you appreciate their dedication.  Happy Nurse’s Appreciation Week!

In the last month or so, Senator Maureen Walsh said that there are probably nurses who aren’t all that busy and probably play cards most of their shift until clock out.  This caused a nationwide uproar from not just the medical community but people from all vocations and walks of life.  The work of a nurse is never done.  Their shifts are often filled with rapid problem solving and constant craziness from patients, medical staff, administration and insurance or public programs.  A nurse rarely has time to take a restroom break let alone have any semblance of “free time” while on the floor.  To date, Senator Walsh has apologized for her poor wording but stands firm behind her conviction that nurses should not get mandatory breaks or be limited to 8 hours shifts.

Regardless, nurses from all over have come to create elaborate jokes around Senator Walsh’s comments that nurses spend time “playing cards” for the majority of their shifts.  In honor of all nurses and their amazing sense of humor, this week’s Fun Fact Friday revolves around the history and factoids of playing cards.  Deal me in!

Icebreaker Party Fact:  Senator Maureen Walsh has been sent nearly 1,700 packs of playing cards from nurses all over the country since her statement.

From Bed Pans and Bridge to Temperature Probes and Texas Hold ‘Em, Come Celebrate Nurse Appreciation Week By Checking Out These Obscure Facts About Playing Cards!

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