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6 Key Tips For Recycling In Your Home

These Few Simple Steps Can Keep You A Recycling Rockstar!

Recycling isn’t just for tree-huggers and political debates.  It’s a simple responsibility that we all need to share.  Not only does recycling help the environment, it does miraculous things for us as well.  By not having non-biodegradable items toppling over in a landfill, we greatly increase our quality of life because we don’t have to breathe in toxic fumes or consume tainted drinking water from chemicals seeping into the ground.  We also save a huge amount of space in landfills which means we keep more green space longer and our waste costs stay low.  Who doesn’t love keeping money from leaking out of their pockets!

In the end, it’s the LEAST we can do to keep our living space cleaner for longer.  Seriously, it takes almost ZERO effort to recycle.  You simply leave a container or bin near your back door or near your kitchen trash can in which you can toss recyclables into.  When you go to take your trash out (which you do anyway) simply dump the bin into your recycling receptacle for pickup and leave it all up to somebody else.  It’s that easy!

In the meantime, take a look at these simple reminders for what can be tossed in your recycling container…


Glass recycles endlessly – meaning you can reuse it over and over for eternity.  Recycle all glass bottles, jars and containers.  Think your jelly jars, drinks and spaghetti sauce containers.


All plastic bottles can be recycled – everything.  Think water bottles, salad dressing bottles and disposable containers.


Flatten all cardboard boxes so that you have more room in your recycling container.  Everything from light bulb boxes to giant television boxes should be disassembled and stacked flat.


Anything made from paper or cardboard can be recycled.  Think newspapers, magazines, wrapping paper, envelopes, cards, phone books, junk mail toilet & paper towel tubes and boxes.


Most of your common metallic items are perfect for recycling.  Think tin foil, pop cans, empty spray cans and fruit/veggie/soup cans.


You can’t put items with food debris attached to them into recycling.  Rinse off those plastic, glass and Styrofoam containers before you put them into your recycling bin.


For other places in the Chicagoland area that recycle uncommon materials, check out this chart!


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