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Today’s Weekly Calendar Fun Fact:

There is a tribe that can run 200 miles non-stop and play games for 2 days straight without breaks. The Tarahumara tribe uses a toe-strike method instead of the typical heel-strike common amongst runners today.

Since 1937, the second Monday of every October has been celebrated as a national holiday, Columbus Day.  This day was to celebrate Christopher Columbus discovering America and his achievements.  For several decades, the holiday has come under fire as the truth about Columbus and his trek have been revealed.  In light of the facts, more and more people have spoken up against celebrating a person who discriminated and oppressed the Native Americans.  Instead, cities and districts across the country have chosen to celebrate the second Monday of every October as Indigenous Peoples’ Day or Native American Day.

The Native Americans have a vast and rich culture with the plethora of tribes adding their own unique traditions and skills.  Indeed, much of what we encounter in our daily life stems from one of their teachings, rituals or complex history.  With the holiday approaching us this Monday, help us celebrate by learning some amazing facts about Native Americans!

Conversation Factoid Icebreaker:  Norse culture tells of the Viking discovery of North America which pre-dated the Columbus trek.  The Vikings claimed they met Native Americans who spoke a language similar to Irish who said that they had already encountered white men before them.

What Native American traditions are you aware of?
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