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Today’s Weekly Calendar Fun Fact:
The United States Navy has started using Xbox 360 controllers for their submarine periscopes.


The United States Navy has spent the last few years testing the application of having the standard Xbox 360 controllers operating periscopes and other systems aboard attack submarines.  The USS Colorado, launched in 2018, is the first Virginia class “smart” sub to have the controller in use.  After gathering opinions from junior officers on board military subs, the Navy concluded that the current photonic periscope equipment and lens were too clunky and heavy for swift operations.

The typical naval periscope system runs a whopping $38,000 compared to an Xbox controller, which runs about $30.  Not only will the Navy save boatloads (pun intended) on the new systems but the training time is reduced to mere minutes as opposed to the hours required by the outdated equipment.  A huge reason why the training is much faster is due to the fact that nowadays most navy recruits are already quite familiar with an Xbox controller.



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 Check out the video below to check out the new Xbox attack submarine!

XBox Attack Sub Vid Courtesy of Global1 News Network.



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