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Today’s Weekly Calendar Fun Fact:

Before alarm clocks were invented, factories would hire people to use long sticks and knock on the bedroom windows of their employees so they wouldn’t be late to work.  The position was called a “knocker-up.”

Who doesn’t enjoy sleep?  From long naps on lazy days to dozing in a field during breezy summer days, we LOVE to sleep.  Whether we do too much of it or quite too little, our bodies and minds need it and we are pretty happy to oblige.  While we may have discovered so much about the process of sleeping itself, there is still a whole dreamscape we have barely begun to tap into.  What is fascinating is the history of sleep and some of the wacky things we do while we are conked out.  Take a look at the vid below to learn things you probably never knew about sleep!

Conversation Factoid Icebreaker:  Two-thirds of a cat’s life are spent asleep.  A giraffe needs only 1.9 hours of sleep per day while a brown bat needs a whopping 19.9 hours!

What is the craziest dream that you can remember?
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