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Portable Storage VS. Storage Units

Determine Which Fits Your Project Needs Best!

When it comes to storage solutions, it can be hard to choose what might be the best option for you and your project needs.  With portable storage varieties and numerous storage rental facilities, what you pick will be based on what works best for your budget, time and comfort level.  Instead of guessing and taking a plunge into something you aren’t sure about, take a look at these facts to help navigate the waters of storage rentals!




  • Can Be Delivered Directly To Your Residence Or Business

  • Need Clearance Space Of At Least 12′ Wide And 15′ High

  • Container Can Be Left On Property Or Picked Up And Brought To Storage Warehouse


  • If Left With You, Instant Access – 24/7

  • If Taken To Warehouse, Need To Make An Appointment 24 To 48 Hours Prior To Access

  • May Incur Extra Delivery Fee To Have It Brought Back To You


  • Flat Fees For Delivery and Monthly Rentals

Best Used For:

  • Setting Your Own Pace For A Move

  • Keeping Inventory And Materials Close By

  • Moving Long Distances

  • Additional Storage For Home Or Business

  • When You Want To Monitor/Secure Your Own Stuff



  • Have To Travel To Permanent Facility To Access

  • Protected By Fences, Electronic Gates, Alarms And Security Cameras

  • May Or May Not Have An Active Property Manager


  • Access Will Depend On Hours Of Operation For Storage Facility

  • Have To Drive To Wherever The Facility Is Located

  • Climate-Controlled Units Are Readily Available For Higher Cost


  • Monthly Rental Pricing May Change Based On Market Rates, Demand And Length Of Stay

Best Used For:

  • When Length Of Rental Is Unknown

  • When Space Needed Is Unknown

  • Moving Locally

  • Additional Storage For Home Or Business

  • When You Feel Comfortable With Facility Security Measures



For Your Convenience, We Have 8 Locations To Serve All Of Your Portable Storage Container Needs!

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