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The Ten Craziest Things Found Inside A Dumpster
10.  Stuffed Animals Dressed in Baby Clothes
Stuffed Animals in Baby Clothes
Workers found a series of taxidermied animals dressed in toddler t-shirts and diapers.  It could have been a little kid playing dress up with these new “dolls” or something far weirder.
9.  A Milk Spa
A Milk Spa
School cafeterias RARELY dump out excess milk before chucking the containers so it leaves a milk pool at the bottom of dumpsters.  A worker once found a dumpster filled with milk three inches deep.  Sadly, it was scorching temperatures so that milk curdled and turned into a weird cheese substance.  Do NOT spread on crackers.
8.  The Photo Album Sadist
The Photo Album Sadist
One worker watched a strange man in an all black Cadillac with tinted windows toss a book into the trash and speed off.  Upon further inspection the worker noticed the book was a photo album.  With a large knife lodged into the middle of it.  Was this a hit and run or was the man a serial offender?
7.  Snooze Alarm
People in Dumpsters
Depending on the region where the dumpster is located, workers have often found sleeping people inside.  Many times the dumpsters will be picked up and taken to facilities with homeless folks still snoozing inside.  Must be quite a jolt to peer into a dumpster and see a pair of eyes looking back!
6.  When You Gotta Go…
Multiple Jugs of Urine
Mysterious jugs of liquid were discovered inside a dumpster behind a motel.  Unfortunately, the worker soon realized what they were when a few of the jugs burst and sprayed them with… human urine.  If I had a nickel, right?
5.  Raccoons, Possums and Bears, Oh My!
Raccoons, Possums and Bears... Oh My!
It isn’t unusual for workers emptying a dumpster to reach a hand in and pull out baby raccoons or possums but larger mammals always end up finding their way in there too.  Bears are notorious for raiding dumpsters for food but will sometimes need a little assistance in climbing back out.  Kinda want to hug them, don’t you?
4.  An Active Drug Factory
An Active Drug Factory
Sadly, it isn’t out of the norm for trash collectors and dumpster companies to find drugs, needles and drug paraphernalia, bio-hazard waste or even deceased individuals tossed into the garbage.  It IS unusual to find an active drug factory.  Someone had cooked meth and left the ingredients within the dumpster truck.  When the driver returned to the vehicle, it EXPLODED!  The driver wasn’t hurt, just terrified.
3. Family Vacation… To The Dumpster!
Family Vacation... To The Dumpster!
This incredible find belongs to our friends overseas in Wales.  Someone actually “tossed” a camper on top of a dumpster!  They didn’t break it up into pieces or pull it next to the dumpster, they put it right on top of one.  The dumpster company refused to take it, of course, but how on earth did they get it up there?
2.  Spare Parts
Spare Parts
An employee at a medical waste factory claimed that they would find bins full of blood and used needles constantly.  Another favorite that seemed to get tossed quite often was amputated body parts.  Say, could you lend me a hand?
1.  Onions.  Yes, ONIONS.
Onions. Yes, ONIONS!
A dumpster full of onions was found next to a house in the middle of nowhere.  Yes.  An ENTIRE dumpster full of nothing but onions.  In the middle of nowhere.  Where did they come from?  And why onions?  Just another one of life’s mysteries.

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