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Prohibited Items You Cant Throw Away
While there are so many uses for a dumpster rental and near limit-less amounts of debris you can have hauled away, there are certain items that are prohibited.  Prohibited items tossed into a dumpster rental can cause injury to people, animals and the planet or worse.  Most of these prohibited items can’t even go into your regular trash either but require very specific disposal programs to handle them.
Here are the major prohibited items you must not put into a dumpster…
AUTOMOTIVE FLUIDS – This would be your oil, coolant, transmission fluids, anti-freeze, etc.  Not only can these items cause incredible harm to the environment but can pose serious health risks to people.
PESTICIDES, CLEANERS & HERBICIDES – These may be self-explanatory but any cleaning agents, pesticides or herbicides need to be taken to the proper facilities to be recycled.  You are essentially dealing with harsh chemicals and poisons.
PAINTS & FLAMMABLE LIQUID – The last thing you should be putting into the dumpster is anything that can catch fire.  If these items come into contact with other chemicals or materials they could even explode.  There are special programs dedicated to disposal of solvents, paints and flammables.
BATTERIES – While the majority of batteries today are made with less mercury as they used to be, they are still dangerous to toss into the trash.  Not only can they burst or leak chemicals into the ground and water, some batteries, such as car batteries, have acid that can hurt your skin.
ASBESTOS & RADIOACTIVE GUNK – You may come across asbestos while renovating an old home or building but take care.  Asbestos spreads easily through the air and needs to be handled by a professional team who can contain the spores.  Simply tossing the materials away is careless and an easy way to reawaken the harmful spores that will attach to you.  As a general rule, you really should never be in possession of anything radioactive but, if you are, contact the correct channels for proper disposal.
ELECTRONICS & APPLIANCES – The most misunderstood of them all.  Nope, you absolutely should not throw ANY electronics or appliances into the trash.  Computers, tvs, mp3 players, microwaves, fridges and freezers and everything in-between is a definite NO-NO.  These products contain harmful chemicals or materials that need to be processed in very specific ways.

For items such as those above, contact your township or county and ask about recycling programs or facilities you can take them to.  You can also check out for recycling options in your region.  Your local dumpster rental company should also be able to guide you on what to do or whom to contact.  Some will even take certain items like tires, mattresses or appliances for an extra fee.

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