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Tipping the Dumpster
Bag As Much Of Your Dumpster Waste As Possible So You Can Compress Them And Reduce The Capacity Used.  Even Putting Them In First Allows Heavier Materials To Condense Them.

When it comes to creating more space in your dumpster rental so you can pack more into it, condensing your waste load is critical.  Treat the dumpster like a game of Tetris.  Everything can fit around or in each other to conserve space and pack better.  For instance, all of the loose materials that can be bagged should be.  Head to your local home improvement store and pick up contractor trash bags or garbage bag in general before you begin your project.  As you demo, if you can stuff it in a bag, go for it.  One way to save space is to put the bags into the dumpster rental first and load heavier materials on top of them.  This will compress all of the bags and smash the materials to create more space.  Be sure to leave a little hole in the bag for air to escape which will allow it to be smashed down easily.

Flat items, such as drywall or doors, can be lined along the walls or even on the floor of the dumpster.  If your project has them, always try to load such materials or oblong shapes first before bagged debris.  Heavier materials can be placed on top for compression but, sometimes, you may have a project that requires disposal of furniture, tubs, etc.  In this case, walk these items in first and then line flat items.  You can then put bagged debris smashed in between or around the heavier items and fill in all gaps and spaces.

Most important is to get help moving heavier materials.  Trying to manage them on your own can injure your back and put severe strain on key muscles or nerves.  Never try to toss them over the top; open the hinged door and walk them in.

All of your loose waste should go on top last.  Loose material is great for filling spaces between larger debris and maximizing the space inside of your dumpster rental.  Be sure to never go past the fill line on your dumpster rental unless your dumpster rental company gives you other instructions or permissions.  Always call to have your rental picked up because the dumpster company doesn’t know if you still need it at the end of your rental period and might have to renew so they will NOT automatically come and retrieve the dumpster.

Our Dumpster Tip of the Week is Courtesy of the Schaumburg Dumpster Rental Service!  Thanks, Gang!

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