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Renting A Dumpster In Winter

Renting a dumpster in winter is actually a great idea.  Prices are usually flexible due to low demand, there’s a wide variety of sizes available and completing a project in brisk weather is often invigorating.  Another major pro is that these tedious projects will be completed by the time warmer weather sets in so you can relax and enjoy yourself.  While there are many advantages to booking a dumpster at this time of year, there are a few things you should keep in mind to protect yourself and your project.

If you’re considering whether or not to rent a dumpster in winter, it’s a safe bet that you live in an area prone to snow.  In this case, you know best of all to simply work around it – SAFELY.

  • You’ll likely put the dumpster where you usually pile excess snow.  Be sure to leave yourself space to perform your regular winter maintenance.
  • Make sure snow is cleared away from all sides of the dumpster to prevent black ice from occurring and creating a situation where you can fall or fall onto debris you are carrying.
  • Buy deicer or bags of road salt and sprinkle it around the dumpster and along the path you will be using to access it.
  • Be sure there are no large mounds of snow around the dumpster that can prevent it from being picked up by the dumpster rental company.
  • Always wear layers and a pair of work gloves.  Layers not only keep you warm but can protect you from nicking yourself on exposed debris.

While safety should always be your main objective when scheduling a dumpster for the winter, snow and ice can also wreak havoc on the inside as well.  Namely, it can accumulate inside and take up room you may have needed for your debris or weigh your container down and cost you extra fees.  Here are a couple of ways you can protect the dumpster…

  • Put a tarp over the top and affix it to the dumpster with bungee cords.  This can help keep the snow from falling straight into your container.
  • Use the hinged loading door to enter the dumpster and proceed to shovel out excess snow.
  • The safest and easiest way to protect yourself in this instance is to ask your dumpster rental company if they charge on weight regardless of weather.  Some companies will account for heavy snowfall and only charge you based on the space you use instead of weight.  You don’t know unless you ask.

One of the best things you can do when using a dumpster rental in winter is to check the weather forecast and book around it.  If you know snow is predicted or a storm is on the way, consider scheduling the dumpster to arrive after it has passed.  Storms usually impede progress so you’ll find yourself short on precious rental time.  Always check the weather forecast to decide when there’s an ideal time to book your dumpster.

In the end, renting a dumpster comes down to personal preference.  By following these few simple precautions, you can ensure a safer and more successful rental period but the choice is yours.  Some enjoy having things done prior to Spring so they can enjoy the warmer weather with friends and family while others don’t want the hassle of dealing with snow and black ice.  No matter when you decide to rent or what you may need a dumpster for, Same Day Dumpsters is ready to serve!

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