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Recycle Your Holiday Paper
10 Uses For Used Wrapping Paper

What To Do With All Of It After Xmas


  • New Year’s Eve Confetti – Shred it into pieces and use it to celebrate NYE!
  • Make Decorative Streamers – Cut the streamers into circles or other shapes, hole punch the top of each, thread a string through several of them and create a streamer that hangs from the ceiling.
  • Use Them As Shelf Lining – You can use them to line shelves, drawers or even decor trays.
  • Photo Frame Filler – Put seasonal wrapping paper inside photo frames to create a unique piece of hanging art.
  • Wrap Books – Protect your books by creating covers out of the wrapping paper.
  • Clipboard Covers – Cut wrapping paper to fit the shape of a common clipboard.  This not only livens up the generic look but can serve as a protective drawing surface for kids to use while coloring.
  • Make Envelopes – Snazz up your mail by creating eye-catching tiny envelopes.
  • Create Placemats – Cut wrapping paper into rectangles for fancy spill mats.  You can even use scissors or a tool to round the corners.
  • Use It As Packing Material – Use the wrapping paper to pack boxes or to protect fragile ornaments.
  • Create Festive Bows – By cutting the paper into strips, twisting them into loops and using tape to secure them, you can create bows to decorate gifts year-round.


For all that excess trash you can’t recycle post-event, you might want to consider renting a small dumpster from the Burr Ridge dumpster rental company.

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