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Safe Trash Pick Up

We may not realize how dangerous the winter weather makes our regular trash pick up.  Waste management workers not only have to contend with treacherous patches of ice but they have to keep an eye out for buried cans and bags.  While we may be more focused on preparing for all of our holiday events, there are a few things we can do to make accessing our trash easier and far less risky.  These precautions not only help out your local trash collector but can save you from sliding into an injury simply by taking out the garbage.

Aside from the safety risk, the snow can also cause a problem with your trash pick up by hiding it.  If you put your garbage out the night before and come morning it is hidden by snow, there’s a good chance that your garbage collector will pass right by it.  This may not be an issue if you have little trash to be picked up but with holiday parties and activities, you may find an overflowing can that can’t possibly be packed any more than it is.

By following the few tips listed below, you can not only create a safer environment for you and those responsible for collecting your garbage but also ensure that your refuse is seen and hauled away swiftly.


  1. Clear a path around your cans so garbage collectors and trucks can access them easily.
  2. Put salt or deicer around your trash, curb and cans so both you and the garbage collector don’t fall.
  3. Make sure your cans are far enough away from the street to not be hit and tipped by plows.
  4. If not using a can, make sure to use black garbage bags and put them out in the morning so snow doesn’t accumulate on top of them.
  5. Check with your garbage company to make sure they are still picking up trash as scheduled.


To Download And/Or Print The Checklist For Your Own Reference, CLICK HERE!

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