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Never Wait - Do It Now
“Sometimes Later Becomes Never.  Do It Now.”


How many times do we say this to ourselves?  “I’ll get to it tomorrow.”  “Maybe I’ll do it over the weekend.” Life is far busier than it was a hundred years ago and there is far too much stimulation in the form of technology.  Our brains rush to and fro and are full of deadlines and commitments.  Instead of taking the time to appreciate everything around us we are rushing off to soccer practices, appointments and work functions.  Instead of taking the time to build on our relationships and forge new social connections, we shoot quick texts and are oblivious to those around us.  So, it is understandable how we end up putting things off in order to keep to schedules.

What we don’t take time to realize is that time itself is a finite resource.  We put things off because we don’t have time but we only have a certain amount on this planet.  Putting off that dream of going back to school or starting a new business might seem right in the moment but may turn into a massive life regret when you retire and realize you didn’t actually do any of the things you truly wanted to.

It doesn’t just extend to large life-changers either.  Putting off cleaning out that garage or changing that landscape might seem ideal in your hectic schedule or seem essential to preserving your lazy day but these can affect you in ways you may not see yet.  The more you put something off, the higher the level of dread that kicks in.  This attitude can cloud our minds and leak into other areas of our lives without us realizing it.  It can also create more chaos in your schedule because now you have a quickly approaching deadline and a limited time to complete a significant task.

No matter what the nature of the task or idea you form, don’t put it off.  You will never get the time back to accomplish those things.  Life can pass us by in the blink of an eye so focus on seizing every moment.  Take advantage of accomplishing it now instead of later.  This will help you feel more satisfied with your life and can greatly diminish the chances you’ll live with nagging regrets.  Remember, time is scarce so don’t procrastinate on what can turn into happiness.

Make time to accomplish goals, complete tasks and forge new bonds.  Happiness waits for no one and you can’t go back.  Live now, seize the opportunities and make the most of what you have while you’re here.

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