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Winter Dumpster Rental


Winter Rentals Rock!

5 Reasons You Should Rent a Dumpster in Winter


 1. Availability – Most folks wait until nice weather to rent so you will have nearly unlimited availability when you are ready to start your project.


2. Protection – To prevent the dumpster from slipping on icy driveways or moving unsafely, plywood barriers and blocks are put down for added protection.


3. Tarp It – Many people assume that it’s impossible to work on projects during the winter because your dumpster rental can fill with snow.  By putting a tarp over the top you can prevent anything but debris from filling your dumpster.


4. Clear The Way – When disposing of debris, make sure the path you take to the dumpster is free of snow.  Salt this path so you decrease the likelihood of falls and can access your dumpster rental safely.  By doing this you eliminate the reasons why many folks are not likely to rent dumpsters in the winter months.


5. The Pony Express – Bad weather RARELY hinders your local dumpster rental service from dropping off or picking up your dumpster.  It would have to be a natural disaster or emergency situation that would hinder your dumpster from arriving at it’s location.



There are plenty of perks to renting a dumpster in the winter months.  As long as you are safe and aware of your surroundings and what you are doing, you should reap the benefits of cold weather rentals.  You can use these long, cold months to finally tackle some long overdue projects and be able to relax and enjoy the warmer weather when it rolls around.

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