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Dumpster Permit Near You

Most of the time, your dumpster rental company will be able to pull permits for you.  Other times… you may need to handle it yourself.  Don’t panic!

By now you’ve realized that if you have a project that is generating any sort of trash, it needs to be taken somewhere.  Whether it’s an attic clean out or you are remodeling your den, the debris, the old material, has to be taken off of your property.  When the trash vastly outweighs the capabilities of your local waste management company, you’re going to need a dumpster.  Depending on where you live, your city might just have rules about that.

A city makes regulations concerning dumpster rentals for the safety and betterment of their community.  Piles of trash sitting for long periods can attract rodents, insects or become an eyesore.  It also keeps not-so-great contractors from trying to slap a project together and run out of there before code enforcement can check it.  So, no, it isn’t a bad thing if your city requires a permit for you to have a dumpster on your property.  In the long run, it’s easier to pay a permit fee than fines associated with safety issues or damages.

However, not every city has the same requirements for what is expected of you during your rental time and some may not even require a permit at all.  Keep in mind, if you are looking to put your dumpster on a street – that’s public property so you will likely need a permit and okay from the public works department of your town no matter where you live.

In Naperville, you can only have one dumpster on your property at any given time and it can not be on sidewalks, public right of way or yard areas.  If you have a dumpster that is attached to an existing building permit, say you’re building a garage or renovating your bathroom, you can have a dumpster as long as you need, only if the work is continuous.  If not, you can only have a dumpster for 14 days straight or 28 days within one year.  A lot to digest, huh?

The south suburb of Oak Lawn requires dumpsters to be placed on skids so no damage occurs to roadways while also having barriers with flashing lights.  The rub is that you can only have a dumpster on the street between 8 am and 4 pm each day otherwise you are charged a fine up to $500.  I suppose you have to plan your demolition very carefully and grab a few extra hands to haul in between the neatly fixed timeline.  Better yet – don’t EVER put a dumpster on the street and stick to your driveway or yard.

Elmhurst is similar to Oak Lawn with flashing barricades but a city inspector has to check out where the dumpster will be placed before a permit is issued.  They also charge a $250 deposit that is refunded three weeks later if there’s no damage to city property.

It may sound complicated but remember that each town is different.  To find out what yours may require, contact your village/town/city hall and ask to speak with someone about if you need a permit for a dumpster.  Be sure to get all of the information you need and don’t be afraid to ask questions.  One of the best things you can do is to ask your dumpster company BEFORE you book if they acquire permits for you.  This may be the point that helps you choose a dumpster service.

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