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What are dumpster rental extra fees?
What Extra Fees Could A Dumpster Rental Service Charge Me?
Dumpster rental companies have rules to follow when using one of their containers.  In the case of many of these violations, the company will levy a penalty to be paid.  Prices can vary based on different facilities and the regions they operate out of, but you should ALWAYS ask what rules are in place and what fees can be charged for breaking them BEFORE you enter into a rental agreement.  Here are some examples of standard fees a dumpster service may impose.

Hazardous Materials

If you put any type of hazardous materials into a dumpster, you will be charged a fee.  No matter what dumpster company you use, this is the one absolute rule that governs them all.  Hazardous waste, such as oils, paints or car batteries, pose immense safety risks to humans, animals and the environment.  You can check out a more detailed list of prohibited items here.
If you have hazardous items that need to be disposed of, contact your village/town hall or local waste management service and ask if there are any community programs or drop-off sites to handle your materials.  Many times there will be a recycling program geared towards that particular item, such as electronics.  Some waste service companies will pick up the hazardous items from your home or job site.
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Debris Specific
Very similar to hazardous waste fees, debris specific fees occur if the dumpster rental company has to dispose of prohibited items.  Things like electronics, appliances, furniture and mattresses have to be processed in very specific ways and then recycled responsibly.  If you leave your dumpster service the task of managing all of this, you will definitely be paying a fee.
The best way to avoid these charges is to ask the customer service department of your local dumpster rental company if a fee might apply to those items.  If there is, call your waste management service and see if they will pick up such things during curbside collection.
You can’t overfill your dumpster.  This includes going above the walls of the container and piling trash next to it that your driver might have to load.  This poses an extreme safety hazard during transport because loose items might fall onto roadways or other vehicles and cause injuries.  If your driver has to load debris into the container, there may also be a driver delay fee included.
There are several ways you can properly load a dumpster to ensure you are utilizing the entire space and saving yourself room.
Weight Limit
If you go above the weight limit listed in your rental agreement or visible on the side of your dumpster, you can be billed an overage fee.  Weight above the specified limit is charged by the ton.  Try and estimate how much debris you will have prior to rental.  If you are on the fence about weight and size, either go with a larger size than what you need or call your dumpster rental company, explain your project and have them guide you to the right size dumpster.
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If you keep your dumpster beyond your rental period, you will be billed for the additional days of use.  Check with your dumpster provider about the length of your rental period and either extend your period if you need more time or rearrange your project timeline to maximize the use of your rental days.  Remember that dumpster companies do not automatically pick up the container at the end of your rental period.  You will have to call and schedule your dumpster to be picked up.
Trip Charge
If the driver can not pick up the dumpster due to some sort of obstruction, you will be levied a trip charge.  This is also known as a “wasted trip”.  Make sure there is enough room for your dumpster to be delivered and that the area is clear of debris, low hanging tree branches or wires.  Avoid having it placed near corners or tight spaces.
Try to have a space available that is roughly 11 feet wide and 60 feet long to allow drivers enough wiggle room.
Your dumpster rental itself may be a flat-fee pricing but violating any of the above rules can result in additional charges being imposed.  Do yourself a favor and follow the rental agreement rules stringently.  If you have items or a situation you are unsure of, simply ask your Burr Ridge dumpster rental company.  They will be able to help you determine a solution for any of your project needs.

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