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Free Spring Cleaning Checklist
Spring Clean Up Checklist
Spring is upon us and as the warmer weather breaks, we start to plan outdoor events and shake off winter for more social interactions.  If you prep your yard, patios and walkways now, you will have far less maintenance to do this summer and have a beautiful space to entertain.  But where to start?
Here is a handy checklist from the Burr Ridge dumpster rental to help you begin to clean and prepare your yard for a little summer fun!


  • Prune Dead and Damaged Branches
  • Rake and Remove any Leaves or Weeds Growing Around Them


  • Remove Refuse from Grass and Planting Beds
  • Cut Back Perennials and Move Some To Fill In Sparse Areas (if needed)
  • Clean and Trim Around Planting Bed and Walkway Borders
  • Prepare Grass and Beds with New Fertilizer and/or Mulch (if needed)
  • Remove Damaged Areas of Grass for Spring Seeding
  • Prepare an Area for Composting (if applicable)


  • Rake Back Gravel/Stones Into Aggregate Walkways/Patios and Refill Depressions
  • Replenish/Level Base Area Under Moved or Askew Paver Bricks
  • Use a Pressure Washer to Clean Walks/Patios


  • Remove Rotted or Damaged Pickets/Boards and Lattice
  • Scrub Wood Structures with Water, Bleach and Liquid Soap
  • Patch Sections with Wood Epoxy and Install New Wood As Needed
  • Scrape Off Old Paint, Sand and then Re-Paint

When It’s Time To Tear Down Dead Trees or Overhaul and Clean Up Your Landscaping, Get Rid Of Your Yard Waste Using a Same Day Dumpster!

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