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Storage Containers Are Ideal Theft-Deterrents But You Can Increase That By Parking It In A Well-Lit Area, Blocking Access When Not In Use And Having A Secure Locking Mechanism.

Overall, portable storage containers are highly effective at thwarting would-be thieves from stealing those precious home goods, expensive construction equipment or other items you may store.  They are constructed of high-grade steel, which does a fantastic job of keeping away both thieves and the elements.  However, if a thief wants in, they will stop at nothing to try so you may want to use a few other tricks to halt nefarious activity before it can begin.

Ask if the storage container you are renting comes with a lock box.  This is just a two part locking system that is welded onto the container that blocks padlocks from being tampered with by drills, saws or bolt cutters.  You can also use a Puck Lock, which is a shackle-less lock that protects inner lock components and deters against bolt cutter attacks, or shrouded hardened steel locks. While nothing is 100% safe at all times, these locks do an amazing job at blocking the majority of thieving strategies and will take a lot more effort to overtake.

Another fantastic way to keep robbers at bay is to make sure your storage container is in a well-lit area easily within view of your home or office windows and any security cameras or guard shacks.  If there is a chance that someone will see them and call the police, a robber is less likely to make an attempt.

You can also park a piece of heavy equipment or a vehicle in front of the storage container door to make it near impossible to open or remove anything from the inside.  Even placing signs on the container that state there is a security alarm within and security cameras trained on it will make a person think twice before attempting to steal anything.  Also, be sure you keep tabs on who goes in and out of that locker during loading/unloading or inventory checks.

With a few well-placed strategies in play, you can give those thieves a run for their money and make them think twice about burgling your storage container.

Our Dumpster Tip of the Week is Courtesy of the Bolingbrook Dumpster Rental Service!  Thanks, Gang!

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