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Tipping the Dumpster
Make Sure Your Dumpster Is In Working Condition!  Loose Hinges, Broken Sections Or Rusted Parts Can Pose A Huge Safety Risk – Notify Your Dumpster Rental Company Immediately.
The risk of injury doesn’t always come from user negligence or debris but from the very dumpster you just rented.  Always do a visual check of your dumpster before the driver leaves it with you.  If you notice loose hinges on the doors, broken sections or rusted parts bring it to their attention.  They should replace your container with one in prime working condition to ensure your comfort.  If your driver has dropped off the dumpster and you were not there, contact the office as soon as you notice an issue with the equipment.  Most dumpster rental services should have no trouble taking back the dumpster and supplying you with a better one.
A dumpster rental company that does not heed your request or tells you to “deal with it” is not professional and definitely not the best fit for your project.  Cancel service immediately and, if applicable, demand a refund.  Find a reliable company that will take your concerns seriously and provide better product.
If you are in need of a reliable dumpster rental service that puts customers first, contact the Lemont dumpster rental service.

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