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When Packing Your Storage Container Or Storage Unit, Place Heavier Boxes On The Bottom, Add Wooden Pallets To Add Air Circulation And Use Smaller Items To Fill In Odd Space Gaps.

It doesn’t matter if you have a portable storage container or head to a local storage unit to house your prized possessions, how you pack those items is relatively the same.  By strategically packing and organizing your storage solution, you will save time during the unloading process and create less of a mess for you to have to deal with.  If circumstances change and you need to keep the storage rental longer than you realized, you will have easier access and flexibility.  Take a look at these quick tips for packing that storage space!

  • Before you start filling the space, think about placing pieces of cardboard on the floor to prevent furniture from scuffing.  You can even place wooden pallets down to add a bit of air circulation to your storage space.
  • Heavier boxes and furniture should go on the bottom and lighter boxes or items should be stacked on top of them.
  • Try to place large, bulky items strategically so you can get around them and conserve the space you have.
  • Fill in gaps between furniture, appliances or odd sized spaces with smaller items.  The point is to think about how to use every part of the space more efficiently.
  • Remember that you can stack to the ceiling so pillows or softer items should be up high.  In storage units within buildings, you can usually fill up to the top of your wall but can not go past this line.  There should be pipes a foot or so above that and stacking past your walls can prevent sprinkler systems from functioning efficiently during a fire.
  • Blankets or tarps draped over the top can keep things dust-free and protected from water damage if the sprinkler goes off.
  • Circumstances change and you may need that storage unit or container for longer than you originally planned.  Prepare yourself for unexpected scenarios by loading items you may need to access up in front and easy to reach.  Whether it’s paperwork, seasonal clothing, etc., you want to be able to reach those items quickly without having to rip apart your entire container.

No matter what your project or which storage option you choose to go with, do yourself a favor and pack that space more efficiently so you can save yourself from a heap of stress down the road.

Our Dumpster Tip of the Week is Courtesy of the Naperville Dumpster Rental Service! Thanks, Gang!

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