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When Deciding What To Store, Make Choices Based On What Season It Is, The Decor Of Your Home And A Rotation Of Toys And Collectibles.

Selecting a portable storage container or a self-storage unit is only half the battle.  Now you must go through your home and decide what needs to go into that storage area.  Depending on how much stuff you have, this can be overwhelming or you might become stressed because you aren’t sure if you are stashing the right items.  Remember that you CAN access your stuff easily if you have a portable storage unit on-site or make the trip across town to your storage locker so don’t get caught up on making perfect decisions.  The point is to free up space in your home.

Season – Store items based on season.  For instance, if you are heading into warmer weather, those winter clothes and jackets can be packed away until needed.  The same goes for items you only use around the holidays.  Those extra blankets and that good silverware set you only use on Christmas don’t need to hog up a closet, they can be packed until the weather gets brisk.

Decor – Photos and wall hangings that make your room look too cluttered can be packed away until you decide to give your home a new look.  Furniture that you use daily should stay but if there are any pieces that are simply taking up space that no one uses, store them.  For example, the rocking chair that your great aunt uses when she visits once a year but no one else uses should go in your storage space until she returns.  If you have a child that has gone off to college, keep their effects in storage until they come home for break.  This reduces clutter and keeps the room free and more comfortable for guests.

Toys and Collectibles – If there are too many toys in your child’s room, pack the extras into storage.  You can even rotate the toys every few weeks so your child has a chance to play with everything and keep the room from being cluttered.  Sports items that are not used weekly or are out of season should be stored as well.  If you have collectibles, put them in a display case.  Collectibles that are too big or don’t look good on display, should be stored.  You can even rotate them every so often to feature everything.

In the end, what you store is up to you but remember to label all boxes well so you know exactly where everything is when you need to access it.

Our Dumpster Tip of the Week is Courtesy of the Naperville Dumpster Rental Service! Thanks, Gang!

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