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In The Streets: Bolingbrook Dumpster Rental

This segment of “In The Streets” features a photo taken by a passersby in Bolingbrook, Illinois.  According to Sean Thomas, he was flitting past the IKEA and noticed a Same Day Dumpster peeking out from the side of the building.  With dumpsters around every corner, how did Sean know it was one of ours?

Because he had rented one a mere two weeks before!  Mr. Thomas had heard about Same Day Dumpsters through word-of-mouth and had proceeded to rent a dumpster through our Burr Ridge location.  He had taken down a large, wooden tool shed that was on his grandfather’s property and needed a 15 yard dumpster to haul away the debris and unusable junk that was inside.  Not only was the dumpster delivered to him within an hour of reaching out to us, it was also picked up promptly when he was finished with it a few days later.  No fuss – no muss!

When we inquired as to how he could spot our dumpster from a ways off without clearly seeing the signage, he stated that our bin was such a brilliant hue of blue that it’s hard to miss.  A big thank you to Sean for taking the time to stop and snap this Bolingbrook dumpster rental as well as drop us a quick email to let us know about the encounter!

We LOVE to hear what projects you are using a Same Day Dumpster for so send us a photo!

Would you like to submit a photo for your chance to be featured in our “In The Streets” series?  Please leave a comment below or use our contact form to reach us and let us know!

If you are ready to tackle your next big project and need a dumpster rental in Bolingbrook, find out how we can be of service to you!

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