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How To Recycle Your Christmas Tree

You’re probably wondering why we are talking about recycling your Christmas tree when the holiday isn’t even over yet.  Truth is, if you pre-plan for what to do with that beautiful evergreen when you are through with it, there are some wonderful ways you can help animals build homes or even have that tree grow strong once again.  Knowing what steps you need to take now will ensure a successful reuse of your tree later.  So, instead of tossing it out with your weekly trash, why not consider some of these amazing options instead…



Chop up your Christmas tree for firewood. Don’t burn it inside unless you dry it out for several months in a shed or covered structure otherwise the sap can stick to your chimney and catch fire.


Conservation groups can take your trees and place them in man-made lakes to create temporary habitats for wildlife. They can also be used to prevent shoreline erosion by creating a barrier. Call your local or state wildlife commission to ask about this program.


Evergreen branches are perfect base layers for compost piles. Stack them a few inches high and they allow airflow to the bottom of the pile as they decompose over time. With this layer down, you can begin to add your usual compost items such as kitchen scraps.


You can only plant your trees if the roots are still intact. This option can be tricky but well worth it. As long as you don’t keep your tree inside more than two weeks, it is highly possible. Christmas trees are usually cut when they are dormant and if they are in a warm house too long, they might leave dormancy and no longer be able to adapt to the cold.


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