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If You Know That You Probably Won’t Get Through Those Thanksgiving Leftovers, Consider Donating Them Instead Of Tossing Them Into Your Trash.

Thanksgiving may be a time to chow down but, more often than not, a lot of that hearty feast is wasted.  Either we forget about it stuffed in the back of the fridge or we are too leftovered out to want anymore.  While you definitely can repurpose food to make creative meals down the road, how about donating it to those less fortunate?

There are some folks who may be having a rough go of things right now and would be hugely appreciative of your delicious leftovers.  Here are a few places that you can donate some of your  Thanksgiving dinner:

Food Pantry – Check out or contact your town hall or community center about food pantry locations.  Some towns even host events dedicated to food donations.

Food Bank – Likely, your town has a food bank for those who need meals.  Contact them and inquire if they only accept canned foods or if they would take your Thanksgiving leftovers.  You can also check out and search for ones near your home.

Restaurants – Some establishments donate their nightly leftovers to a local program that feeds the needy.  Call them or stop in and ask if you might be able to add yours to their pile.

Not-For Profits / Organizations – Places such as homeless shelters, charities, churches and community centers have programs in place to collect food and distribute it among the most needed.  Contact them before you bring anything by to find out what they will accept and where you can take it.  To find some that you may not know exist in your area, check out or

You can also pack up your leftovers and make a dinner plate for elderly neighbors or friends nearby.

Our Dumpster Tip of the Week is Courtesy of the Hickory Hills Dumpster Rental Service! Thanks, Gang!

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