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Dumpster Packing Tips

Your shiny, blue dumpster rental has arrived on your property and you (or your contractor) roll up the sleeves prepared to tackle that big project.  As the demolition or cleanup commences, you notice that you had a bit more garbage than anticipated.  Don’t panic and definitely don’t overfill that dumpster!

If you overfill your dumpster, you can be charged additional fees.  This is due to the safety concerns brought on by a full dumpster that can now spew debris at pedestrians and drivers.  Villages and dumpster rental companies tend to frown on such things and start levying fines.  In some states, it’s even illegal to move an overflowing dumpster and you could get stuck paying additional rental fees for every day it sits on your property.  There is a line on your dumpster indicating where your pile should stop so definitely stick to it.

So, how can you pack a dumpster to get the most out of your space?

  • Put the heaviest items on the very bottom.  You don’t want the load to shift because it’s too heavy on top and cause an accident.
  • Take a look at your debris.  Some items, such as cast from old soil stacks or an old cast bathtub, can be hauled in for money.  You can do it yourself or sell it to scrappers who trade-in cast-iron and will come get the heavy material.
  • Doors should be placed flat on the floor of the dumpster or along the walls.  Any boxes or similar materials should be broken down flat and placed similarly.
  • Bags of garbage/debris and loose material can easily be stuffed around the heavy materials.  Use all of the space and stuff debris in gaps to create a more compact load and free up much-needed space.
  • Mind what you end up putting in that dumpster.  Hazardous materials, appliances and electronics are a no-no and might end up saving you a ton of space.  These items need to be recycled through special programs or organizations.  (When in doubt, try

You can help keep your load stable when it leaves by ensuring the dumpster isn’t blocked by anything or trapped in a tight space.  The easier it is for a dumpster rental company to pick up your container, the less chance it will get jerked around and create an unstable load.  If it makes it easier, pre-plan your demo or clean up and estimate what kind of debris you will have so you know how to pack it.

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