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While we may be in the dumpster rental business, a key factor in our day-to-day is what goes into those dumpsters and how to organize materials efficiently.  We have learned that in order to complete projects more effectively is to stay on top of organization in all aspects of home and work to create a better balance.  Cleaner spaces and well-categorized items tend to lead to a clearer mind and more successful way of life.  So, in short, organization on all levels is vital.

What is the one of the most stressful and chaotic points of our day?  MORNINGS.

Whether it is getting the kids ready for school and activities or preparing yourself for a hectic work day, it is important to prep a little ahead of time and use these organizing hacks for how to make your mornings a little less stressful and a little more productive.

Morning Organizing Hacks

Plan Out Outfits – While this may be better utilized for kids, this could also help save you some time.  Spend a little time on the weekends prepping what outfits and accessories you will wear throughout the week.  For kids, you may want to have labeled drawers, outfit piles with sticky notes or hanging cubbies for each day of the week to cut down on hemming and hawing in the mornings.  Include your child on the planning so they are more excited about the choices each day.  For yourself, already knowing what you are wearing each day actually does speed up your routine because it cuts out indecision.

Command Center – Have an area in the kitchen, hallway or near the common door where backpacks and briefcases can be stored and schedules can be checked.  This is to be your command center.  You can have dry erase calendars or pin up a weekly calendar in which each child and/or adult knows what their schedule is that day.  This helps keep track of after-school activities, errands or work-related functions that you might otherwise forget.  Have storage cubbies or file organizers so important documents such as field trip permission slips or meeting agendas are not forgotten and right in front of your face to grab heading out the door.  Make sure keys, lunchboxes and toys or weather accessories end up there as well.  This way you or your children will not only know what the day has in store but keeps all of you from forgetting important items.

Prep Outfits Beforehand
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Nighttime Packing – Pack all backpacks, briefcases and extra-curricular bags the night before and leave them in the command center.  Doing it the night before means you won’t be rushing and will remember to stock everything you need – from completed homework to client files – for the following day.  If your children are old enough, have them help pack their bags or equipment themselves.  This helps forge responsibility and get them on the path to planning out their schedule and organizing the chaos of life.

Do this with lunches and grab ‘n go snacks as well.  Prep it all, or as much as possible, the night before so you aren’t pulling your hair out in the morning.  Again, if your children are old enough, have them start prepping their lunches/snacks.  Keep healthy foods and snacks readily available in the pantry and fridge so they know which items are great to pack in there.

The Morning Routine – Have routine charts in your child’s room to help them understand what steps need to be done in order to leave the house.  Brushing teeth, hair, getting dressed, making the bed – whatever they have to do, create a chart they can follow and use to keep track of their tasks.  It can be fun task cards that get moved into a “DONE” slot or magnets that you move to corresponding sections.  Whatever you think will help your child track their progress is the way to go.

If you or your child has trouble getting up with the alarm, consider purchasing a Clocky.  They roll away from you after the alarm sounds so you have to physically get up to turn them off.

Keeping Track of Morning Routine

Bathrooms – One place that can be a huge time suck is the bathroom.  To keep your kids on track, or even yourself, consider separating everything needed for a morning routine into sections.  You can bundle what they need into individual bathroom caddies with their names on it or use a cutlery drawer organizer for each child’s bathroom items.  You can even mount individual mason jars or cups to the mirror or wall and store each family member’s toothbrush and toothpaste in there.  By organizing each family member’s supplies in their own convenient space, it keeps them on track and keeps the mess to a minimum.

The Last Stretch – Often the last 10 minutes are the hardest when leaving the house so set an alarm for 10 minutes before you have to walk out the door so everyone knows they have to turn up the hustle.  For shoes and coat time, label each shoe or glove with “LEFT” or “RIGHT” to help younger children put items on quicker.  You can even have a last minute “DON’T FORGET” list right on the back door or on the wall nearby with a quick checklist of items you absolutely need to bring with such as backpacks, lunches, wallets and phones.

It may not seem like it at first but utilizing a few of these tips can help you and your children stay more organized in all aspects of life.  By keeping a consistent routine each morning, it becomes a habit for everyone and soon you and your children will do these things without needing to be reminded, as if you did them this way forever.  Routine and structure is extremely important in organization and helps to keep your mind focused.  You will start to notice that other areas of your life are becoming more efficient and structured as well.  All great news when it comes to tackling big plans or only needing our trusty blue dumpsters for larger projects such as remodeling and landscaping instead of junk removal.

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