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Elk Grove Village Dumpster Tip 71
Show Your Neighbors Love By Cleaning Up Any Excess Trash That Is Blowing Around Yards, Driveways And Curbs During Blustery Winter Months!

Whether it comes to dumpsters or simple curbside trash bins, blustery winter winds can catch loose debris and send it for a ride.  You may notice a pile of loose garbage slammed up against your house or caught on your neighbors bushes.  Sure, they may blow away eventually but leaving loose trash to chance can attract unwanted pests and make your home look less than appealing.

When you haul your bins to the curb or dump extra into that dumpster rental, take a gander at your yard, driveway, curb and your neighbor’s as well.  Grab a plastic bag (shopping bags are great for this) and take a few minutes to pick up the loose trash.  Your neighbor will likely appreciate your efforts but, if not, don’t let that stop you because it benefits you too.

Picking that loose debris up and tossing it into the proper receptacle can keep pests such as bugs and rodents from nosing around.  Even if it’s at your neighbors, rodents won’t draw property lines on where to scurry away from the cold in search of food.  Don’t give them a reason to be tempted.  It also makes your neighborhood look nicer if there aren’t tumbleweeds of garbage rolling around making your home look gross or, pardon the pun, trashy.

You can even get the kids or grandkids in on the fun by making it into a game.  For instance, whomever finds ten items the fastest gets a prize or create a scavenger hunt for different types of debris.  It will teach younger generations responsibility for our planet, help make a tedious chore more enjoyable and keep your neighborhood clean.

Instead of having wet newspapers turning to mush on your shared driveway, how about taking the time to toss it into your can so you can enjoy a pleasant view too!?!

Our Dumpster Tip of the Week is Courtesy of the Palos Hills Dumpster Rental Service! Thanks, Gang!

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