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Summer Fun Leaves Us With Propane Tanks, Pool Chemicals And Lithium Ion Batteries.  Don’t Put These Items In Your Regular Trash, Recycling Or Dumpster Rental Because They Can Cause Fire.

Summer can be filled with fun such as barbecues, swimming and fun-in-the-sun toys.  The only downside to these activities is that they leave very unique debris in their wake.  There are certain items such as propane tanks and pool chemicals that we tend to use moreso in the warmer months that, if discarded improperly, can combust and cause a fire.  For instance, you wouldn’t think it but pool chemicals can spontaneously combust in the right conditions.  This could be deadly for waste management or recycling workers and cause severe damage to trucks, machines and facilities.

Propane tanks are commonly only seen used for gas grills during summer months.  Eventually that propane tank will run out and be empty.  These pressurized canisters can explode at landfills, recycling centers or even during transport in a debris removal truck.  Gas stations, convenience stores and supermarkets have a program in place where you can swap your empty propane tank out for a new one.  They recycle your empty propane tanks appropriately and are often reused.

Even if you use a charcoal grill, you still have the potential to cause a fire in your garbage can.  Hot grills or charcoals are dangerous because they can set other items on fire or melt trash containers.  Always wait until these items are completely cool before discarding.

Another little thought about item is lithum ion batteries.  These are not used only in the summertime but can be found in more items we overuse during this time.  You are probably already aware that smartphones and computers possess them but radios, thermometers, mp3 players, remote controlled toys and drones can have lithium ion batteries as well.  It is important to recycle these through programs hosted by your community or retailers.  You can ask your town hall or local recycling center about such programs or do a quick search online for other options.  Tossing these batteries into trash or a dumpster rental can be dangerous, especially in summer months.  The pressure or heat can cause them to spark and start a fire, which can result in significant bodily harm and/or thousands of dollars in damage.

Keep the fun going this summer by avoiding dangerous situations and recycling these items responsibly!

Our Dumpster Tip of the Week is Courtesy of the Mokena Dumpster Rental Service Thanks, Gang!

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