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Waste management and utilization
Where does the waste from our bins go?

We throw away waste, and we do not know what happens next with it. What is waste management, and what is waste disposal? What is the importance of recycling? Where does waste from our bins go? What should the proper segregation of this waste look like? Which container for segregation should I choose? What home accessories are worth having to properly segregate our waste? We checked it especially for you!

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Waste management
In the past, waste was simply thrown into a landfill. Today they are managed. What does it mean? These are activities involving the collection, transport, recovery, and disposal of waste. There are five principles of waste management.

The first is that waste must be avoided as much as possible.

The second is that the amount of waste should be reduced.
Third – that the negative impact of waste on the environment should also be limited.
Fourth – that it is necessary to ensure environmentally compatible recovery.
Fifth – that it is necessary to ensure the disposal of waste that could not be recovered in accordance with the principles of environmental protection.

Recycling waste largely depends on its management. This, in turn, is influenced by effective law, selective collection and recycling as well as modern technological solutions. Waste management begins in our homes. We should segregate waste properly, and some waste can be reused. We need to know the methods of dealing with various types of waste, for example with used household appliances and audio/video devices or discharged batteries and accumulators, chemicals, or construction and renovation waste. We should know the rules of recycling. We need to know what to do with green waste from our home gardens. We should know our rights and obligations in the field of municipal waste collection, municipal waste collection costs, and municipal waste management obligations.

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