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Avoid Overfilling Or Running Out Of Room

You have reached the point of action.  You selected the appropriate size for your project, booked a container from your local dumpster rental service and now it is sitting on your property waiting to be filled.  So you just toss all of your demo and trash debris in and move on, right?  Not so fast.


Pack It Right

You may run into an issue with overfilling your dumpster or you may find out that you had a bit more demolition refuse than you expected.  Don’t panic.  You can save yourself a whole lot of time, headaches and excess fees by simply packing your dumpster rental more efficiently.

Your dumpster rental service doesn’t want you to overfill your container because it makes transport much more dangerous.  Be mindful of the line near the top of the container and don’t pile materials over it.  Most companies will charge you higher fees for going over the top rim of your dumpster.  In many states it may be illegal for that dumpster to be moved and you could incur late fees for every day, or even hour, that your dumpster remains on the property.


Play Tetris

By taking the time to organize your dumpster neatly, you can pack so much more into it.

  • Place bulky, heavy items on the bottom.  This will prevent a top-heavy effect from shifting the load dangerously when the dumpster rental service comes to retrieve the container with their truck.
  • Place doors flat on the bottom or stand them up along the sides/perimeter of the dumpster.
  • Make sure you break down cardboard boxes or trash materials so they are flat and consume less space.
  • Put bags of debris or broken down materials in the gaps around the bulky items on the bottom.  This packs everything into place to avoid shifting and will also free up more room.
  • Cast from a soil stack removal or an old cast bathtub can be sold to scrappers because cast-iron has value.  Put an ad up on Craigslist and scrappers will come pick up your heavy cast.
  • Keep in mind the items that absolutely can NOT go into your dumpster.  Hazardous materials, appliances and electronics need to be disposed of properly.  By eliminating these from your dumpster you not only free up room but spare yourself from heavy fines.


Help Them Help You

Make sure you have your dumpster rental placed on your property in a way that is accessible.  Don’t have it in corners or blocked by structures so your dumpster rental company will be able to pick it up without hassle.  If the dumpster rental service has to struggle with securing the container because of obstacles or overfilling, your materials may shift significantly and fall out or they might not be able to take your dumpster at all.  Keeping it in a convenient space unobstructed will also help you easily place large, obtrusive materials inside your dumpster.


In the end, it doesn’t matter if you ended up with a larger project than anticipated or you decided to add more on while you have the dumpster, by organizing and being aware of how you pack your debris you can free up more space.  If you can gauge how much debris you should have and the types of materials prior to demolition, you are already halfway to maximizing your dumpster rental.  If that isn’t possible to calculate beforehand, these simple tips should help alleviate space issues and help you get the most out of your rental dollars.


Now that you know how to pack it right, you are ready to  book your cheap dumpster rental today!

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