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Burr Ridge Dumpster Tip 73
When Picking The Right Spot For Your Dumpster, Consider How Far You Have To Walk Debris, How Much Space It Will Take And How You Plan On Dumping Trash!

When you book a dumpster and have it delivered, you may have considered the general area it should go.  While you may have cleared the area for the dumpster driver and already settled on a space, is it REALLY the best place for it?

Before the driver delivers your dumpster, keep these tips in mind…

The Walk – Pay attention to where your debris is, or where the project is taking place, and how far you have to carry debris.  Putting your dumpster too far from the site can have you carrying heavy items a long distance, which can tire you out, cause injury or waste time.

Lost Space – A roll off dumpster is pretty large.  If you have a small property or smaller parking area, the dumpster could just take up more space than you realize.  This may have you parking further away from your home or job site.  If this isn’t feasible due to weather, street limitations or other situations, you may consider speaking with the city or town about parking the dumpster on a roadway.  Something to keep in mind is that it MIGHT just be worth the inconvenience of having to park elsewhere in order to keep the trips where you carry debris to the dumpster short and sweet.

How You Are Tossing Trash – Do you plan on putting debris over the top of the dumpster or using the back door to walk it in?  The larger the dumpster you rent, the taller the walls become.  You may find that it is actually taller than you are and that throwing things over the side is too difficult.  In this case, consider putting a sturdy step-stool or other solid boost near the dumpster to make it easier to dispose of debris.  You can also use the back door of the dumpster.  Most roll off dumpsters have back doors that will swing open, allowing you to walk right into the dumpster itself.  If you plan on using this door, you’ll need to factor in room for it to swing open – at least 6 feet of extra space.  This alone might be the reason you need to place your dumpster in another location.

Having this figured out before your dumpster arrives will save you and the driver from wasting time and added hassle!

Our Dumpster Tip of the Week is Courtesy of the Burr Ridge Dumpster Rental Service! Thanks, Gang!

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