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Tipping the Dumpster
Prevent Dumpsters From Slipping Down Icy Slopes By Sprinkling Rock Salt, Kitty Litter Or Sand.  You Can Also Use Protective Boards On Your Surface.
The ideal place for your dumpster rental to go is on a hard, flat surface.  You need to avoid blocking entryways and definitely stay off of soft ground.  Depending on your terrain or situation, this might not always be feasible.
In the case of dealing with slippery slopes, there are several things you can do to help keep your dumpster stable.

Plow The Area – Make sure the spot where you plan on your dumpster going and the pathway to get to it are clear of snowfall and debris.

De-Ice Like Crazy – Use rock salt, kitty litter or sand to cover the area in which your rental will sit as well as the pathway you will be walking upon to get to it.

Protective Boards – Your local dumpster rental company should provide protective boards to keep your dumpster stable and to protect your property.  Be sure to bring it up when booking your dumpster.  Situations can change overnight so, if a weird obstacle or scenario occurs while your driver is there to drop off your rental, simply ask their opinion.  Dumpster rental drivers always have great ideas on how to handle an obstacle creatively.

Protect Your Rental – Use a tarp with bungee cords or a piece of plywood to cover your dumpster rental and keep out rain or snow.  The water could throw your weight off and could potentially increase the risk of slippage.

You can always ask your dumpster rental service for more tips or ideas on how to protect your property, dumpster and yourself from risk.  Above all, make sure you wear proper clothing to beat the elements and gloves to protect your hands from the cold metal of the dumpster.
Now that you know how to secure a dumpster in the elements, contact the Lemont dumpster rental service and get started on your project today!

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