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Tipping the Same Day Dumpsters!
When Booking Your Dumpster, Ask How Long It Would Take Them To Actually Pick The Dumpster Up When You Call To Have It Hauled Away.  Sometimes This Shows How Inefficient A Service Is.

After your dumpster is filled with debris, you need to call and request it to be picked up by the dumpster rental company.  A company will NOT come pick up your dumpster automatically after your rental period is over because they don’t know if you need more time and want to extend the rental.  You have to call when you are ready for it to be hauled away.  An important piece of information to know is how long it will take that dumpster rental service to retrieve the dumpster after you call.

This is crucial to know if you have permits or are on a job site that has specific requirements for when and how long a dumpster can hang around.  If you only have two days to remove that dumpster before the village levies a fine, you need to know that dumpster will be gone fast.  Always ask PRIOR to booking a dumpster.  If it takes a company a day or two just to come get it, then you know that isn’t a very efficient service and you can’t rely on them in a time crunch.  It’s better to be safe than sorry and go with a dumpster rental company that can get that dumpster removed pronto.

Find a local dumpster rental company that can even pick up your dumpster that same day you call.  Most will do this because they want to have dumpsters back as soon as possible for other homeowners, contractors or organizations that might need them.  If a company states that they take several days to come get it, you have to wonder what else they are slacking on.  Will they get the dumpster to you on time?  Will it be hours later than they quoted you?  Will they charge hidden fees?  You can learn a lot about a company by how they speak to you on the phone and what the answers to simple questions such as pick up may reveal.

Never be afraid to ask questions.  It’s your money that is being spent on this rental so you have every right to know what you are getting, what the terms are and why you are being charged what you are.

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Our Dumpster Tip of the Week is Courtesy of the Schaumburg Dumpster Rental Service!  Thanks, Gang!

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