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What Are “Client Friendly” Dumpsters?


Client Friendly Dumpsters are dumpster rentals that give you complete satisfaction and ensure a stress-free project.  They check off every requirement for a thorough, safe and cost-effective fix for your junk removal issues.  Whether you need to clean out a storage room, tidy up the garage or you have an emergency flood that destroyed part of your basement, a client friendly dumpster goes above and beyond to be part of the solution and not create more problems for you.

Not every dumpster rental company will have client friendly dumpsters.  In fact, many will cause more headaches for you by being unreliable, careless or more trouble than they are worth.  This is definitely not the way to handle big projects or immediate needs.

A dumpster rental service that specializes in client friendly dumpsters will check off all 7 of these criteria:

Client Friendly Dumpster Checklist:


They have a system in place to protect your driveway from damage.  Steel scrapes,  cracks and rust are very real issues that can happen by having a dumpster in your drive so you want to go with a company that cares about preserving your space.  Same Day Dumpsters not only places thick wood between the dumpster and your driveway but takes precautions to skillfully avoid damaging landscaping or any property on your site.

Walk-In Loading

If you have a small dumpster, the walls are so short that you can easily place debris in over the top.  For larger dumpsters, there are hinged doors on the back that allow you to walk debris inside.  This saves your back and muscles from having to strain and get heavy materials over an impossibly high wall.

Clean Equipment

You deserve clean, well-maintained equipment.  For your own safety, all moving parts should be working correctly and nothing should be rusted.  The dumpster should be completely clean for your use because, not only may it be unsightly and possibly smell to have someone else’s trash lingering in there, you will lose out on that space for your own stuff.  Besides, a nice, clean dumpster just makes you feel good.

Save Time And Money

A dumpster can definitely save you on time and money.  The smallest rental can save you from making four trips with a pick up truck to that city dump.  Instead of loading, driving across town, unloading, driving back home and repeating this cycle until the last of the debris is gone, you can have someone else deliver it, toss debris into it and have someone else take it away.  Don’t forget that each of those trips to the city dump will cost you a fee.   The dumpster can be easier on both your schedule and your pocketbook.

Skilled Troubleshooting

When the driver arrives at your property, they immediately survey the location and what works best for YOU, not them.  They don’t just dump and run.  Not only do they make sure that the dumpster rental is in a key location but they make sure that no access points are blocked, no property is damaged and that the dumpster will not pose a safety risk.  Whether it is fitting into the smallest space possible or containing the loosest material load for safe transport, Same Day Dumpster drivers have years of expert experience in making the best and safest calls possible.


The dumpster service should always be on time and accessible with one easy call.  Bonded and insured professionals that are friendly and dependable are what you need – not companies that show up hours after you said you needed a dumpster delivered or can never seem to be reached by phone.

Local And Family-Owned

The smaller guys are more willing to work with you and accommodate your unique situation.  National companies have very little wiggle room and usually look at customer service as a game of quantity, not quality.  They figure that they have so many customers walking through the door so it isn’t that important to cater to your needs.  You are definitely more of a priority to smaller companies and have a better chance of negotiating terms or price.

Those seven items are key to a client friendly dumpster.  Of all the choices you have to help with your home improvement projects, clean outs or various other circumstances, what will benefit you most in the long run is finding a company that delivers on every point and is proud to distribute Client Friendly Dumpsters.

To see how Same Day Dumpsters stacks up in the Client Friendly Dumpster category, call us at 630.716.1030 or click here >>> Same Day Friendly!

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