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To Deter Raccoons From Invading Your Property, Sprinkle Ammonia On Your Trash Bag, String Blinking Christmas Lights And Leave Them On All Night Or Stretch A Bungee Cord Tightly Over The Lid!

Those masked bandits sure may look adorable but raccoons can wreak major havoc on your trash, yard and home.  They are excellent scavengers and can smell food from quite a distance away.  Usually raccoons will not pose a danger unless startled or cornered but they can become quite a nuisance.  Considering raccoons tend to carry a hoard of diseases, such as rabies, it’s not ideal to stumble across a den of them camping out in your attic or garage.  Here are a few ways to deter those wily scoundrels from crashing your safe space…

A little ammonia sprinkled on your trash bags can not only deter raccoons but dogs, as well.  This keeps your trash inside the bag and not strewn across your yard.  A bowl of ammonia, or a rag dipped in ammonia, placed at the entrance to a raccoon den will usually drive them away within 48 hours.  They usually get into your home through eaves of the roof or openings in your foundation.

Raccoons love the dark – how better to be nature’s slick thieves – so placing a flashlight strategically on your trash or a den entrance can keep them out and drive them away.  Placing a string of blinking Christmas lights draped around your trash will also deter them.

These critters are not big fans of strange noise so you may want to play music during a picnic or leave a small radio near your receptacles.

Of course, a very proactive way to keep those tiny paws from carrying contaminated trash around your home is to bungee cord the top shut.  This makes it impossible for them to lift the lid and keeps the top securely shut if they decide to tip the entire can over.

If you have an event where food will be left out for awhile, such as barbecues or picnics, keep food waste out of sight or contain/mask it’s odor by keeping those garbage lids latched tight or sprinkling essential oils or baking soda into the bag and/or can.  After your event, be sure to hose and wipe down your patio tables using a bleach cleanser to eliminate odors.  You can even pour a little bleach over your trash bags.

By following one or more of these tips, your raccoon infestation should clear up in a matter of a few days.  Remember that these animals are just looking for food and shelter so be sure to eliminate any odors or waste and seal up any potential access points in your roof or foundation.

Our Dumpster Tip of the Week is Courtesy of the Elk Grove Village Dumpster Rental Service Thanks, Gang!

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