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Sprinkle A Few Drops Of Vanilla Extract On Some Cotton Balls And Leave In The Bottom Of Your Indoor Garbage Can Overnight With The Lid Closed To Keep It Smelling Great.

Using this simple baking ingredient can work wonders on stinky indoor trash cans.  To eliminate harsh odors, simply take the trash to your outdoor bin, sprinkle the extract on a few cotton balls and leave them overnight at the bottom of your can.  Make sure the lid is closed to secure the scent.  That next morning, there should be the smell of vanilla wafting through the room in which the can is located.

You can also sprinkle essential oils such as lemon, lavender or peppermint on the cotton balls.  Whatever scent you would like to infuse the room with, you can.  Peppermint is an amazing insect and pest deterrent as well.  Peppermint has been known to be quite repulsive to the senses of ants, beetles, fleas, flies, mice, moths, roaches and spiders.  Lavender, lemongrass and spearmint have all been known to ward off different invaders as well.

For the foulest stench or even residue inside your can, use a bit of bleach for disinfectant cleaning and baking soda.  Bleach can help clean out a funky area while baking soda is perfect for keeping away horrible smells.  It takes a matter of only a minute or two for all of these ideas so you can get your home back to smelling fresh with little effort.

Our Dumpster Tip of the Week is Courtesy of the Burr Ridge Dumpster Rental Service!  Thanks, Gang!

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